Hurt People Hurt People

by The Harm

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Hurt People Hurt People was self produced and recorded in Olympia, WA by The Harm. The release of the this EP marks the end of the road for The Harm as its members travel to Tanzania, Austin, and Seattle to start new chapters in their lives.

On the naming of the EP:

Parisian Nightwalk (live from upcoming documentary):

Obligation (live from upcoming documentary):

Teaser for upcoming documentary:


released June 18, 2013

Recorded by The Harm and David Nightingale in Olympia, WA
Mixed and Mastered by Adam Harney
with additional mastering by John Doyle

Brendan Rice: Drums (Piano on Track 6)
Drew McLauchlan: Bass/Vocals
Jeff Makjavich: Vocals/Guitar (Drums on Track 6)
Joel Nightingale: Guitar/Vocals



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The Harm Portland, Oregon

The Harm is a rock band formed in the summer of 2011 by University of Portland students.

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Track Name: Obligation
When I look up
and I see
black and white faces
looking down on me

Pass the mic
said, "kid it's your turn,"
throw it down
curse the urn

I race away
I can't be seen
You're losing what you gave to me

But now it's new
I made it mine
You might not see

Pick up my strings
and run to town,
I'll be heard safe on the ground

The day will come
you'll turn around
make you proud
making my sound
Track Name: Smog Robbblers
I won't stay
You won't call
nothing breaks
we won't fall

Come and go
as we please
ride it out
bearings greased

It won't be said what we will do
we won't be proud when it is through
you won't come back and I won't take
your heart this time, it won't break

Kisses taste
like gasoline
costs so much
to fill me up
what's work for me
the passenger
won't work for him
in the back seat
Track Name: Banga
Smug the beast who fans the flame
Sensing now her power wanes
A sovereign spirit now returns
but not to her, though now she burns

If we're together, you and me
will I remember what you did to me?

Fighting now the relapse pangs
Feelings ash, but ash remains
a frenzy comes and burns them 'round
spirits brought back to the ground

If we're together, you and me
will I remember what you did to me?

When you're still here and I'm long gone
will you know that you were wrong?
Track Name: Footsteps
Swift hand of harm under a sweet exterior
Grasp into the known, the familiar
Hurt people hurt people, leading him astray
One phone call away from having nothing left to say

He's not falling for you, again
like you want him to do
he's gone like a man who's running on
footsteps to a place you don't belong

Fawning for the feelings felt, so far gone
pain not far from forgotten
rules made, words saved, and broken boundaries
the ripeness of romance is rotten

It's remains were still
but now I find it still remains
Track Name: Flash Blues
I writhe in the blue
of a worker's wild wake
Contriving a few
when not even a couple can be made
My thoughts might come around, but I'll still be sitting here all day

The worst type of love
that's just a sudden burst of light
The worst type of love
for a minute makes the day from the night
A firework gone San Diego just for spite

(Jeff and Drew)
You came, you go
you can take my time but you'll never take my soul
Track Name: Coping With Loss (Bonus Track)
boom bah doo doo duhmmm
Track Name: Parisian Nightwalk (Live Bonus Track)
As I walk by your side
I can feel that all is right
hard times are left far behind
and we glide into the night

Back then, young at heart
we would lust, no known art
and it showed in the backs of cars
now we dart into the night

But you left no choice for me
I wanted love, but you disagree
so I walk to make you see
now I've been freed into the night