Parisian Nightwalk EP

by The Harm

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Without access to a multi-track recording system, The Harm was very limited in post-production options. The live recordings, captured within a 6-hour timeframe, for the Parisian Nightwalk EP give the listener an honest, unaltered sample of The Harm's first four originals, while highlighting 4 musically distinct songs that indicate the broad scope of the band's sound.

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released May 9, 2012

The Harm is:
Jeff Makjavich – Vocals, Rhythm Guitar
Joel Nightingale – Lead Guitar
Drew McLauchlan – Bass
Brendan Rice – Drums

Produced by Jordan Radaker Jones, Dave Nightingale, and Evan Corbett

Photo credit: MB Photography



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The Harm Portland, Oregon

The Harm is a rock band formed in the summer of 2011 by University of Portland students.


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Track Name: Game On
I make mistakes
But you trusted me anyway
We burnt our hands
But once was enough to see

I broke the mirror of yesterday
The next seven years are looking up
So we suck the cream until it’s dry
And we free the spirits from inside our cup

And the game is on
Cars on the road won’t stop us long
And the game is on
A bodycheck here when I know I’m wrong
And the game is on
Face-offs won’t keep me from moving on.
And the game is on

I live to learn
You groomed my ground and saw me skate
We learn to live
Especially when our ice breaks

Set my sights on the upper net
You gave me your hand and we pounded ‘nucks
You let me go
Ambition grew as I slapped the puck
Track Name: Yukomadon
All you had was tinder
I could’ve sustained the flame
You burned it all at once
I’ll wipe all the ash away.

You won’t get anything anymore
Except what you’ll give.
Now it’s my turn to take
Like you always have before.

I won’t take it anymore.

You don’t give a fuck
But I’d take it if you did.
Let my fingers trace your every curve
My tongue fire every nerve.

Coughing from the smoke
But yearning for the flame.
Getting you into bed
Would burn me just the same.

I’m finished with your games.
Track Name: Made to Break
I’m blind, you see it coming at us
Train wreck, watch as it overtakes the
Houses that we made
Everybody fades…
He sees, they see, they’re ready for it.
We don’t know yet, it’s coming for us.
Then it's far away
It was just a play

Sometimes we feel that
The things that we make
Are irreplaceable
When they were made to break
Sometimes we feel
All the impending doom
Shattered windows and
Empty rooms

I see, you’re blind, but it’s so clear now
I’m out, you’re in, I’m sorry dear but
I can’t work this way
Try another day
Reach out, I’ll touch, no grasp, though, from me
Effortless, summer pours upon the
Years of small mistakes
They give more than they take